“A powerful family drama and a reminder of the price veterans pay long after the fighting ends.”
Oliver Stone, Director, Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July

“Kevin and Joyce Lucey are true American heroes. They have been tenacious, passionate, highly-effective advocates for IAVA members worldwide–and for all veterans, of all generations. Nobody in America has done more to bring awareness to the shocking suicide crisis facing our veterans than the Luceys. I have been honored and humbled to work alongside them for the last decade. They fight for what is right, speak truth to power, and continue to honor Jeffrey’s legacy every single day through the incredible power of their example. Their courage is an inspiration to us all.”
Paul Rieckhoff, Executive Director and Founder, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

“War is changing, and one of the biggest changes is in our understanding of what it does to veterans. This moving and eye-opening book will be a landmark in our country’s efforts to come to terms with a growing tragedy.”
Steven Pinker, Harvard University, author of The Better Angels of Our Nature

“Nickerson’s resilient quest to learn more about PTSD is inspirational, heartfelt and genuine. No blame games, just a positive focus on solutions. The Wounds Within is and will remain timeless.”
Brig. Gen. (ret.) Colleen McGuire, director, US Army Suicide Prevention Task Force, 2008–12

 “An eloquent and haunting account of veterans who return home fighting the war within.” 
Francine Shapiro, PhD, originator of EMDR therapy and author of Getting Past Your Past

 “The Wounds Within is so powerfully written that the pages just seem to turn themselves. Immediately the reader is immersed in the heartbreaking story of Jeff Lucey, a dedicated Marine who answered his nation’s call to war but returned home still battling his invisible wounds. Despite the heroic efforts of his most loving family, girlfriend and exceptional psychotherapist, Jeff Lucey died fighting against enemies that were just as deadly as any enemy he faced in Iraq. As I cried my way through this book, I connected with Jeff Lucey as my son on so many levels and believe with all my heart that he represents so many of America’s sons and daughters returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with broken hearts and wounded souls. Thank you for writing a book that can save lives.”
Carol Graham, wife of Major General (Retired) Mark Graham who lost one son to suicide and the other to the war in Iraq. Their family’s story is told in Yochi Dreazen’s new book “The Invisible Front”.

“The cost of war cannot be measured in the lives and treasure expended on the battlefield – it demands a price to be paid long after the guns are still. Call it the hidden war. In The Wounds Within, we follow Mark Nickerson as he joins that hidden war and discovers the battles beyond those of the therapist’s office. To his credit, he hasn’t backed down. The Wounds Within, then, is more than a therapist’s story of an encounter with a veteran and his family. Rather than give up in the face of an indifferent bureaucracy, he worked to help us do better by our veterans. If everyone who reads The Wounds Within were to join in that struggle with Mark, even to a small degree, so much could be made right.”
Steven Silver, Ph.D., Vietnam veteran and former director of PTSD Program, VA Medical Center in Coatesville, PA; Author of Light in the Heart of Darkness: EMDR and the Treatment of War and Terrorism Survivors

A gripping case of veteran suicide and a provoking narrative on the complex fight against post-traumatic stress.”
Brian E. Kinsella, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stop Soldier Suicide

“Nickerson admirably sheds light on a sad story as he offers practical advice for veterans and families coping with post-war emotional trauma.”
Publishers Weekly

The Wounds Within dignifies one family’s ordeal by embedding it within the nation’s responsibility to understand and serve its veterans at their lowest points.  Physically and psychologically wounded veterans have historically been left to live a life on the margins of civilian society.  This book offers hope and guidance to keep our veterans visible and to promote recovery and reintegration.”
Carol Trust, executive director, Massachusetts chapter, National Association of Social Workers

“A therapist’s personal journey through the tragedy of military suicide and the utter devastation for those left behind, who then use their own pain to change our understanding of and our care for our returning soldiers and Marines.  Mark Nickerson ultimately accomplishes what our veterans need and deserve; that we give of our humanity and not turn away, even from the darkest places, so that no veteran is alone in the trauma we send them to experience on our behalf. Out of profound loss he works to create the possibility of real hope for recovery and growth following war trauma, and community engagement to witness, share and understand the psychological costs of war.”
Susan Leary, director, Veterans Education Project; co-founder of Military Families Connect

“This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to better understand why and how the emotional and moral wounds of war have killed so many servicemen and women back from Iraq, Afghanistan and America’s previous wars.  The Wounds Within offers practical information on PTSD and suicide prevention that will prove useful to therapists who want to work with veterans, to military family members and other loved ones, and to veterans themselves. Author Mark Nickerson takes a bravely personal tact in telling the story of Jeff Lucey by closely examining his own therapist-client relationship with the Marine and the family during Jeff’s nine-month slide after his joyous homecoming from Iraq. Nickerson tells the story of the Lucey family’s courageous crusade to educate Americans about the shortcomings of V.A. care. Their tireless and ultimately successful grassroots efforts to help spark reform and positive change will inspire veterans’ advocates today and in the future.”
Rob Wilson, former director, Veterans Education Project